I’m thinking of applying to the University of Pennsylvania. When will I be able to apply for the AI undergraduate degree?

The application for prospective Penn students interested in the Artificial Intelligence Bachelor of Science in Engineering (AI BSE) program for a Fall 2025 start date will open in early August 2024.

For further details regarding the University of Pennsylvania’s admissions procedures, kindly refer to https://admissions.upenn.edu.

I’m joining Penn as an incoming first-year Engineering undergraduate student in Fall 2024. Can I declare an AI major?

Yes! Incoming first-year Engineering undergraduate students will be eligible to change their major to Artificial Intelligence. Beginning on August 27, incoming students can start the process by accessing the Declare/Update Field of Study form.

I’m currently a Penn student. How do I transfer into this program?

Eligibility to transfer to the BSE in AI for Fall 2024 will be initially limited to current Penn Engineering single-degree students. Single-degree students with majors within the CIS and ESE departments (i.e., CSCI, ASCS, DMD, NETS, EE, SSE, CMPE) will pilot the change of major process starting on April 15.

Students will need to follow a two-step process:

Note that students seeking to change their major to AI must be able to graduate within 8 semesters in total, otherwise the major change will not be approved.

All other single-degree engineering students will be eligible to participate in the process starting in summer. By the start of the Fall 2024 semester, we expect to be better positioned to provide an update on a future process for accepting and transferring qualified dual degree students into the AI BSE. At this moment, we are only considering single majors that want to transfer to the AI degree.  Dual majors with AI will be implemented at a future date.

Is the AI undergraduate degree an online program? 

No, Penn Engineering does not offer undergraduate online programs. The AI program is designed as a residential undergraduate bachelor’s program, emphasizing in-person instruction. For information regarding Penn Engineering’s online graduate degrees at the master’s level, please visit https://online.seas.upenn.edu/.

What prerequisites do prospective students need for this program?

For details on prerequisites and recommendations when applying to Penn Engineering, please visit the Office of Admissions page.

Strong preparation in fundamental subjects, particularly Mathematics, is vital for any Penn Engineering degree program.

What is the tuition for this program?

Tuition and financial aid policies are university-wide and not specific to individual programs. For more information, please visit https://srfs.upenn.edu.

What is the best way to receive updates about the AI degree program?

This website will provide the most up-to-date program information. Kindly continue to check back regularly for updates, and be sure to follow Penn Engineering on social media.